Providing products that light the way for you to live, work and play.

Established in 2000, International Lighting [IL] is a provider of highly engineered LED luminaires, representing reputable manufacturers from the USA and Europe. Our vision is to supply the industry with high quality, exceptionally well-engineered luminaires to enhance and complement the overall lighting design intent. IL provides ongoing support to Electrical Engineers, Architects, Lighting Designers, Government Authorities and Electrical Contractors through, technical support, Lighting Design services, project facilitation and after sales service. In 2021 IL remains 100% Australian owned and operated.

The IL range of equipment is used in many sectors of the lighting industry, from exterior area lighting, industrial, commercial, retail, hospitality, healthcare and sports lighting. Based in Sydney, NSW, with coverage around Australia and New Zealand, the IL team has over 150 years of combined industry experience and together with this depth of knowledge our dedicated team are enthusiastic, technically proficient and ready to support you.